Transitional Services

Transitional Services

Who needs a transition plan? Everyone can benefit from assessing their interests and abilities, exploring careers, colleges or training programs. Transition planning helps lessen the anxiety many students feel about their future.

Transitional services are activities that prepare students to move from our program to post-high school life. The activities must be based on the student’s needs, preferences, interests and shall include activities in the following areas.


Transition plans include short term and long term employment goals. Entry level jobs are the first exposure to the world of work. Starting with the end in mind is helpful for students to understand the stepping stones towards a long term employment goal.
• Assessments
• Exploring careers of interest
• Job shadowing/interviewing


Again, short term and long term goals are addressed. Beginning with the date for high school graduation and the steps necessary to get there, students begin exploring the credentials and training they need to reach their long term employment goal.
• Researching colleges or trade schools
• Scheduling a campus tour
• Researching scholarships
• Applying to colleges
• Filling out the FASFA


Independent Living
Timelines and the extent to which some students are able to live independently varies. However, everyone can and should learn to care for themselves and contribute to a household. Learning to advocate for oneself, manage money, and use transportation responsibly is often not a small task.
• Transportation
• Money management
• Recreation and leisure
• Home maintenance


Helpful Resources: – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – sign up for a free, personalized scholarship search engine – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – ADAPT community support services – State of MO Dept. of Mental Health Regional Office – Special School District Transition information

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