Our Approach

Our Approach

Logos Approach is an alternative academic and therapeutic program that serves  families in the St. Louis region.  Our distinctive program offers individualized instruction and innovative therapy to help adolescents with various diagnosis process the daily challenges of life and develop the skills necessary to navigate through high school, college and a successful career.  Our 11 month program graduates students with an accredited diploma, or mainstreams them back to a traditional school.


ACADEMICS – Logos goes beyond the traditional classroom. Our qualified faculty and staff develop individual academic plans for each student and provide the attention needed for success.

  • Accredited by Independent Schools of the Central States (ISACS)
  • Effective organizational/study skills
  • Honors courses
  • Individualized academic planning
  • State approved curriculum from DESE & ISBE
  • Transitional Services

THERAPY – Logos has Master-level licensed therapists trained in various therapeutic interventions,  including Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to foster social and emotional growth.

  • Minimum 1 hour weekly individual therapy
  • Minimum 2 hours of weekly group therapy
  • Anger management
  • Behavior modification skills
  • Conflict mediation
  • Coping/problem solving strategies
  • Specialty student support groups

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT – Parents play a key role in their student’s success.  Logos engages parents and offers the support needed for education and emotional growth.

  • Parental support groups
  • Weekly contact with the student’s therapist
  • Access to academic/therapeutic resources
  • Individual communication with teachers
  • Parent Appreciation Committee

Variable Tuition – Families interested in learning more about variable tuition should first contact the Director of Admissions and go through the Admissions Process. Acceptance into Logos is a prerequisite to receiving variable tuition.

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