Logos Athletics are student athletes who are held to a higher academic and behavioral standard.

Mission:  Through athletic sports, students will gain a sense of community, work ethic, confidence, leadership, enjoyment, and skill development. These students are given the opportunity to engage in Associate MSHSAA sports against a variety of teams in the St. Louis area.

• Demonstrate competency in body awareness and movement patterns needed to perform in game play.
• Demonstrate understanding of offense and defense.
• Demonstrate the variety of different plays, skills, and team movement for team success.
• Daily participation in skill development.
• Achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness.
• Exhibit responsibility for personal and social behavior, of respect for self and others.
• Value Logos Athletics for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction.
• Transfer the skills learned in team play and good sportsmanship to everyday experiences.




Practices are held everyday in the students seventh hour elective classes (seasonally).
Equipment, uniforms and transportation to and from the game are provided by Logos. Students must have their own transportation home from he game.

Involvement in athletics has shown to give students, parents and staff a greater tie to the Logos community.

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