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About Logos

LOGOS MISSION: As a school we provide hope and a path to success for struggling students and their familes in a safe and ethical environment. Through individualized education and therapy our students gain acceptance and a promising future.

Logos opened on September 14, 1970 with 4 students in a warehouse in downtown St. Louis. The school is a not-for-profit educational corporation under the laws of the State of Missouri. The name LOGOS (which means “word, speech, or understanding” in Greek) was selected because the school aims to promote student understanding of self and the complex world in which we live.

The original purpose of the program was to assist adolescents in attaining their GED. After the first year, the staff realized that these students needed a more in-depth education that might allow them to actually obtain a high school diploma.

In the early years, Logos was more a school for bright students who could not conform to the structure of traditional schools. The original facility had no desks or tables, rather sofas and pillows on the floor, all of which was donated. Regardless of their academic ability, all students had various issues that might have caused them to fail in the traditional school, or residual feelings of inadequacy from their previous experiences. Therefore, student therapy was always a part of the program.

Eventually the school grew to a four-year program in order to serve more students. In the early 1980’s Logos outgrew the warehouse. After a thorough search, Logos saw an opportunity at a former grade school in Olivette. In 1982, the staff and thirty students moved into the new building which was being leased and eventually purchased from the Ladue School District. Logos continued as a four-year high school until 1991 when middle school (7th & 8th grades) were added to reach adolescents at an earlier age, before negative patterns of behavior were too firmly established. In 1997 the middle school became self-contained (all classes in one room) with a second classroom added in 1998. Finally, in 2008 the middle school expanded to include 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

Today, Logos has a constant enrollment of 95-110 students who come from a variety of backgrounds and economic situations. Our program provides an innovative combination of individualized academics, individual/group therapy and parental involvement. Coupled with a very low student to staff ratio of 6:1, this proven approach provides success for hundreds of adolescents who would otherwise be destined for underachieving in school and in life. Essentially, Logos has become a lifeline for those students who are unsuccessful in traditional school settings.

During the history of Logos, more than 2,000 at-risk adolescents have turned their lives around and found academic and emotional success. Of those who graduate from Logos, more than 92% go on to college and 99% who mainstream will get a high school diploma and go on to college.